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Books About the America's Cup

Compiled and annotated by R. Steven Tsuchiya and Robert Kamins

This bibliography documents over 800 books about the America’s Cup. The list can be searched and categorized.

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About the America's Cup Bibliography

Spanning the 165-year history of the Cup, across multiple languages and topics, this bibliography attempts to be the most comprehensive of its kind. It includes genres such as histories, biographies, memoirs, official yacht club publications, event programs, poems, and fiction. However, it does not contain the following types of media: periodicals (with the exception of America’s Cup-focused publications), yacht club yearbooks, DVD/video productions, brochures, and press kits.

The bibliography is a searchable database. One can search by name, phrase, keyword, or number in the “Basic Search” field or use the “Advanced Search” to search by categories including Genre, Era, Language, Author, Year Published, et al.

Steve Tsuchiya began compiling this bibliography over twenty years ago. It was inspired by Gerald E. Morris and Llewellyn Howland III’s excellent bibliography Yachting in America; in fact, that bibliography served as one of the original foundations for this list.

Since then, Tsuchiya has added to the bibliography from other sources including the G. W. Blunt White Library at Mystic Seaport Museum; the libraries of yacht clubs including the Royal Yacht Squadron and the New York Yacht Club; the collections of museums including the Herreshoff Marine Museum-America’s Cup Hall of Fame and IYRS Museum of Yachting; the New York Public Library; the Library of Congress; and WorldCat.

In the fall of 2015, Tsuchiya approached Robert Kamins about sharing the bibliography online. Steve and Robert have worked since then to design and build an online, searchable bibliography accessible to those interested in the history of the America's Cup. Just within the last year, over 200 titles were added, along with annotations and comments.  In May 2016, the initial version of the bibliography was launched.  Enjoy!

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