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Help for Searching and Display

Detailed help for searching and filtering America's Cup bibliography entries.

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For help regarding the information in the bibliography entries, see Editorial Practices


Search and Filter Help

There are three groups of filters, which can all be used singularly or in combination: the basic search box (at the top of the page), the pre-defined categories  (on the left side of the advanced search section), and the searches limited to individual fields (on the right side of the advanced search section).  Details are below.

Basic Search:

The basic search box matches search terms found anywhere in a bibliography entry, including the notes and comments.

When three or more characters are typed into the search box, the results will update automatically as you type or edit.

Partial matching is possible. For example, the search term yacht will also return results containing yachts or yachting.

Exact matching of multiple terms is possible by enclosing the search terms in quotation marks.

Wildcard searches (?, *) and exclusions are not possible.

Advanced Search:

There are two sets of advanced filters: “Categorized” filters and “Individual Field” filters.

Categorized filters:

The categories for Era, Genre, Language, and Country of Publication offer pull-down lists of all the related terms. 

The terms listed in each category are based on the categories appearing in the entire list, whether or not the books matching those categories are in the current set of results, and the choices do not vary as the current results change.

When a category selection has been made, the results will update automatically.

For an explanation of how those terms are assigned, see "Additional Filtering Criteria" in the guide to editorial practices.

Individual field filters:

Publication year:
Search results can be limited to books published either between, before, or after chosen years.  For example, if a single year is entered in the “from” category, only books published in that year and afterward will be returned in the results, and so on. 

Filters can be limited to the Author, Title, City of Publication, or Publisher fields.  After typing several letters into the desired filter box, the results should update automatically as you type.

Cumulative filtering:

The category lists may be used while an individual field filter is also operative, to perform cumulative filtering.  Likewise, the category list can be selected first and then an individual field filter term entered to produce the same results.

Additionally, terms may be entered or edited in the basic search box, working in combination with the advanced category and individual filters.

Clearing and resetting:

Any single filter can be cleared by clicking on the ‘x’ following the filter entry box.

All of the filters can be cleared at once using the “Clear All Filters” button.

Display Help

Display Options:

Display of Notes:
Notes and Editorial Comments can each be turned on or off as desired by clicking the control buttons.  The visibility of Notes and Editorial Comments does not affect Basic Search results.

Changing Page Colors:
For ease of reading on some displays, the colors of the text and background can be modified to either black text on white background or white text on black background.

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