America's Cup Bibliography: Editorial Practices

Editorial Practices

The entries are in the form:

Author(s). Title and subtitle. City of Publication: Publisher, year. Notes. Editorial Comments.

For details on how the information was compiled for each entry, read below or jump to:
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Individual entries:
Author Author is the author(s) as per the title page, in the order listed there. The author can be a individual or an entity.  When no author information is available, the term “Title” is used in lieu of an author.
Title/Subtitle Title and subtitle are per the cover or title page.  Subtitles sometimes vary between book covers and title pages.  Capitalization of words in the titles and subtitles sometimes varies even within the publications themselves.  Where possible, the forms used on the title page have been adopted here. 
Publication City City is the city where the work was published.  Where multiple cities are listed on a title page, the first city is used.  Where no city information is available, the publication city is noted as “N.p.”  for “No place.” The state or province and country are included with the city only when necessary.
Publisher Some titles were published simultaneously in multiple cities or countries, sometimes by the same publisher and sometimes by different publishers.  Generally only the first city and publisher listed has been used, though there may be variations in this regard between the multiple countries.  Where the publisher’s name is not available, the published is noted as “n.p.” for “no publisher” known.

Privately printed works are publications that were not made available directly to the public.  In some cases the printer or publisher of a privately printed work is noted to help identify the work.  

Self-published works are noted either simply as “self-published” or when possible with the name of the printer as publisher and an added comment that the work is self-published.

Editions/Versions Typically the edition listed is the first edition of the book.  Where subsequent editions have significant variation in content, those versions also have their own entries (e.g.: Robert Bavier’s America’s Cup: An Insider’s View.) Differences between multiple editions are mentioned in “Notes.”
Year Published In a few instances, no date is provided by the publication itself.  These entries are usually noted by the most probable year followed by “circa” and will filter and sort by those years.  Where no date can be assigned, these are noted “unknown.”
Notes Additional descriptive information about the book itself, additional contributors, photographers cited on the title page or cover, limited editions, special bindings, or multiple editions.  Not all entries are accompanied by Notes. 

The display of Notes can be toggled on and off using the Advanced Options.

Editorial Comments Perspectives about the content of the book, noting particularly the strengths of the content presented, and its relation to the body of published work about the America’s Cup.  Not all entries are accompanied by Editorial Comments. 

The display of Editorial Comments can be toggled on and off using the Advanced Options.

Additional Filtering criteria:
Era  The list can be filtered to display books that primarily focus on a particular era of America’s Cup history. 

In some cases a book may be applicable to two eras (for example, Michael D'Antonio's A Full Cup: Sir Thomas Lipton's Extraordinary Life and His Quest for the America's Cup can be filtered by either “Big Class” or “J Class”).

If more than two eras are applicable, or the work generally covers all eras, the entry will filter as “Multiple Eras.”

Books that concentrate on a specific era may include history from previous periods, but generally this material is a chapter or less in length, and such secondary material is not labeled as an assigned era.
The entries have been categorized by genre according to the primary content of the book. 

Some titles may be assigned a second genre, and will filter by either genre (for example, Bruce Stannard's Ben Lexcen: The Man The Keel, The Cup will filter by either “Yacht Design” or “Biography.”  See List of Genres
Sorting Options:
Author (Default) The default sort order is by author last name.
Title Entries may be sorted by title, to help group and locate particular books of interest. Numerals will sort before letters, special characters will sort before numerals.
Chronological Entries may be sorted by the year they were published, either oldest to newest (ascending year) or newest to oldest (descending year).  Note that this option is not sorting by the subject year of the book, it is only sorting by the year of publication.   See also Help for the Era filter option

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