America's Cup Bibliography: List of Genres

America's Cup Bibliography Genres

Books in the bibliography have been categorized by the following:

Match History Focuses on a particular America's Cup year, generally covering all the participants.
Campaign History Focuses on the story of specific team or syndicate.
General History America's Cup history broadly covered from early years until date of publication. Not included in this genre are books with a narrower focus that merely contain a brief treatment of the Cup’s general history.
Yacht Design Focuses on the design, engineering, and construction process of the yachts. Works that primarily focus on technical and performance aspects of the boats themselves, rating rules, and sometimes biographical information about the designers. Also see the Rating Rules genre.
Biography Generally the sailing aspects of the subject's career, sometimes with non-sailing content, where the subject is not one of the authors.
Memoir First-person recollections.
Instructional Primarily contains 'How-to-sail' or 'How-to-sail-faster' content, usually drawing to some degree upon America's Cup examples and often the author's personal experiences competing in the Cup.
Program Official publications for a given match, intended to aid spectators. Sometimes more than one program may relate to a particular year, as in separate programs for the Louis Vuitton Cup (challenger selection) and the America’s Cup Match itself.
Guide Unofficial publications, sometimes created by a competitor or a local organization, sometimes produced independently, usually to assist spectators watching the races in person. Some guides may be very simple; occasionally guides contain more extensive primers on the history, racing, and key players in an America's Cup year. Usually published before the Match, but sometimes updated as the selection regattas proceed.
Official Document Rules, regulations, agreements, reports, and correspondence created by the defending and challenging clubs and their representatives. Also includes Conditions of the Match, Notice of Race, and Sailing Instructions.
Yacht Club History Yacht clubs whose representatives have defended or challenged for the America’s Cup. Usually produced by or for the subject club.
Photography Books primarily communicating the visual aspect in photographs, modern or historic, with limited, though sometimes valuable, text.
Marine Art Books primarily consisting of visual media other than photography.
Rating Rules Specifically the influence of Rating Rules on yacht design and competition.
Log Books The Ship's Logs which were kept onboard historic America's Cup yachts, sometimes published in book form.
Humor Cartoons, jokes, and a few works of parody or satire.
Fiction Not all of these are murder mysteries.
Poetry Yacht racing inspires some people to verse.
Theatrical Production Plays and musicals about the America’s Cup.
Musical Composition Songs or Sheet Music, with an America's Cup-theme.  Songs are primarily just the lyrics while Sheet Music includes musical notation. Common in the 19th century.  Dedications have been included in the descriptions, where available.
Cookbook Sailors get hungry.
Unknown Known unknowns.

Every publication has at least one assigned genre.  Some may have two genres.

Bibliography entries may be filtered by these terms. (See Category Filters on the help page for more explanation)


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