Louis Vuitton America's Cup Playoffs
Standings and Results: Bermuda June 2017

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Louis Vuitton America's Cup Playoffs

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Semi-Finals  - Complete

Louis Vuitton Playoff Semi-final results table America's Cup 2017

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Notes on races


Race Results in Order


Day 1: June 5
SF1 R1: NZL beat GBR (GBR DNF)
SF2 R1: JPN beat SWE ∆ :22 sec.
SF1 R2: NZL beat GBR (GBR DNS)
SF2 R2: SWE beat JPN ∆ :28 sec.

Day 2: June 6
SF1 R3: JPN beat SWE (SWE DNF)
SF2 R3: NZL beat GBR ∆ 2:10 sec.
SF1 R4: JPN beat SWE ∆ :27 sec.
SF1 R4: GBR beat NZL (NZL DNS)

Day 3: June 8
SF1 R5: NZL beat GBR ∆ :31 sec.
SF2 R5: SWE beat JPN ∆ :39 sec.
SF1 R6: GBR beat NZL ∆ :42 sec.
SF2 R6: SWE beat JPN ∆ :28 sec.
SF1 R7: NZL beat GBR ∆ :20 sec.
SF2 R7: SWE beat JPN ∆ 1:45 sec.

Day 4: June 9
SF2 R8: SWE beat JPN ∆ :13 sec.


What's the ∆?
∆ is the Greek letter Delta, used to mean "difference" and here identifying the margin of victory at the finish line.

June 5: GBR was DNF in Race 1 and DNS for Race 2. Their wing was damaged on Leg 2 of the first race, leading them to retire from Race 1.  The damage was not repairable in time to start Race 2.

June 6: SWE was DNF in Race 3, retiring after JPN had finished, to maximize time to repair damage to SWE's boat sustained in the race.  NZL was DNS in Race 4 after capsizing in the starting box before crossing the start line.  A boat that capsizes is automatically disqualified (see scoring note below).

DNS = Did Not Start   DNF = Did Not Finish

Notes on scoring:

In a strict sense, under the Racing Rules of Sailing for the America's Cup (RRSAC), boats with a DNS or DNF outcome prompt the umpires to rule the boat as disqualified (DSQ), for not being able to complete the course properly.  On this page, DNS and DNF where applicable are being used because the abbreviations are more descriptive, but officially DSQ is proper.

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