America's Cup: San Francisco
Race Results: September 2013

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America's Cup 2013 Results

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34th Defense of the America's Cup : Match Results

DNS=Did Not Start  DNF=Did Not Finish  DSQ=Disqualification
Click on completed races to read race reports.  For Statistics and more race info: See CupStats

Racing continues until one team wins 9 points total: See Full Race Schedule
Oracle's first two points will be deducted, so 19 races are possible: Read Penalty Explanation





Match Points: Though popularly reported as a Best-of-17 series, the 2013 America's Cup winner is the first competitor to win 9 points, scoring 1 point per race won but less any points subtracted for penalties.  See Protocol Article 12 (d)(i).
Sep 10: Oracle chose not to start the second race.  They are permitted to do so under the Protocol Rules for the 2013 America's Cup.  This is permitted one time in the match for each team, and does not have to be done for mechanical or other specific problems.  See Protocol Article 12 (d)(v).
Sep 14: Race 9 was started and the boats had rounded Mark 2 and were headed upwind when winds exceeded the limits and the Race Committee had to declare the race Abandoned.  The wind limits and measurement methods are detailed in Protocol Article 21.1.  An Abandoned race may be re-sailed (Racing Rules of Sailing for the America's Cup (RRSAC) Rule 32.3).  Race 9 was re-sailed Sep 15.  
Sep 20: Race 13 was started September 20 in light winds and the 40-minute time limit expired before either boat could complete the race, so the first attempt at the race was officially abandoned, to be re-sailed.  The second attempt at Race 13 was a completed race.  The 40-minute time limit is set in the Sailing Instructions.  The time limit is provided for in Rule 35.1 of the RRSAC.  

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