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True Wing Angle (TWA) Relative Frequency

TWA: True-Wind-Angle

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Races 1-2

TWA Frequency America's Cup Races 1 and 2 CupStats

Race 8:

TWA Frequency America's Cup Race 8 CupStats

Race 9:

TWA Frequency America's Cup Race 9 CupStats

Race 10:

TWA Frequency America's Cup Race 10 CupStats

Race 11:

TWA Frequency America's Cup Race 10 CupStats

Race 12:

Race 13:

Race 14:

Race 15:

Race 16:

Races 17-18:

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In Race 8, note the significant shift in the curve at the downwind angle, showing Oracle sailing much deep angles.  There is a similar though less visually dramatic improvement in the upwind region, with Oracle spending more time at a higher angle.

General Explanation:
The graph above shows the relative amount of time each team spent at each angle relative to the actual direction of the wind.  Zero degrees is pointing directly into the wind and 180 degrees is sailing dead downwind, in the direction the wind is blowing.  The red line is Emirates Team New Zealand and the blue line is Oracle Team USA.  The bulk of the upwind time in Races 1 and 2 is between 35 and 55 degrees, and the bulk of the downwind time is between 145 and 160 degrees.  There is a small blip near 80 degrees which is primarily the reaching leg.  Most of the the other angles only occur during tacks and gybes.

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