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2017 America's Cup:
Emirates Team New Zealand vs. Oracle Team USA

Speed Over Ground

Click image to see graphs of 2017 America's Cup Match Race Data

2017 America's Cup: Results and Standings

CupStats from Previous America's Cup Events:

America's Cup 2013 - ETNZ vs. Oracle Team USA

Win When Leading at Mark:

Percentage of Races Won when Yacht is Leading at Each Mark of the Course:
See Lead/Win Conversion

Pre-Start Entry Side and Wins:

Relationship of Pre-Start Entry (Port/Starboard), Tidal Current, and Relative Position Relative to Leading at Mark 1 and Winning Race:
See Pre-Start

Polar Plots:
Boatspeed and Velocity-Made-Good

Boat speed (Speed-Over-Ground) by race(s) and by team at each angle relative to the wind through the race, plus upwind or downwind Velocity-Made-Good  (VMG) for the same races.  See SOG/VMG for America's Cup Match

Can you make your own polars? Not so fast

Read more

True-Wind-Angle Frequency by Boat

Time spent at each angle relative to the wind throughout the race: See TWA Frequency

Wind Distribution

Frequency of winds recorded on the course by races: See Wind Distribution

Tacking Efficiency: Team vs. Team

Speed maintained through tacks, and change in wind angle, from 10 seconds before to ten seconds after a tack, compared by team:
See Tacking Efficiency

Gains and Leads:

Gains and Leads (Deltas) on each Leg for each Race: View Graphs

Data Tables: Race-by-Race

Timing, Course, Wind, Boatspeed, TWA, AWA, and VMG by each leg by each race for both boats: View Race Data

Speed Maps:

Speed-Over-Ground plotted per leg, classified by color.  See Speed Maps for:
Race 11 | Race 13 Race 18

Race Durations:

Length of time for each Race, Race-by-Race and per leg: View comparison


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