America's Cup World Series 2011-2012-2013:
AC45 Yachts in Locations Around the World

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America's Cup World Series Regattas
2011-2012 Season and 2012-2013 Season

Cascais, Portugal August 6-14, 2011 2011 Gilles Martin-Raget/ Plymouth, England September 10-18, 2011 2011 Gilles Martin-Raget/ San Diego, USA November 12-20, 2011 2011 Gilles Martin-Raget/
Cascais, Portugal
August 6-14, 2011
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Plymouth, England
September 10-18, 2011
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San Diego, USA
November 12-20, 2011
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ACWS venue for April 2012, Naples, Italy, at night. Photo:2012 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget Venice, Italy, ACWS venue. Photo:2012 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget Newport, RI, USA June 23-July 1, 2012 2011 Gilles Martin-Raget/
Naples, Italy
April 11-15, 2012
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Venice, Italy
May 15-20, 2012
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Newport, RI, USA
June 28-July 1, 2012
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AC45 sailing in San Francisco 2011 Guilain Grenier/Oracle Racing AC45 yacht and Golden Gate Bridge.  (C)2011 Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USa Photo: 2011 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget
San Francisco, USA
August 21-26, 2012
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San Francisco, USA
October 3-7, 2012
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Naples, Italy
April 16-21, 2013
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Photos(7):2011-2 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget all except
 (2) San Francisco photos bottom left and center 2011Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USA


About the ACWS:
The America's Cup World Series is a competition sailed in AC45 catamarans among the Challengers and Defender of the 2013 America's Cup.  Each regatta combines match racing and fleet racing, and takes place over a span of several days in port cities around the world.  The common thread in all of these venues is the chance to race the boats close to shore, with spectators able to watch in a "stadium" type of setting, as compared to yacht races which can sometimes be staged miles from shore.  Teams can enter one or two AC45 cats in the event, and additional teams that are not America's Cup 2013 entries may also participate.  The ACWS was created to give both competitors and organizers the chance to gain experience racing wingsail multihulls in preparation for the 2013 America's Cup while also building the fan base and bringing media exposure for the teams and the America's Cup event.

The America's Cup World Series Regatta dates announced: Last updated November 12, 2012

Aug 6-14, 2011 America's Cup World Series Regatta - Cascais, Portugal  
Sep 10-18, 2011 America's Cup World Series Regatta - Plymouth, England  
Nov 12-20, 2011 America's Cup World Series Regatta - San Diego, CA, USA  
Apr 7-15, 2012 America's Cup World Series Regatta - Naples, Italy  
May 12-20, 2012 America's Cup World Series Regatta - Venice, Italy  
un 28-Jul 1, 2012* America's Cup World Series Regatta - Newport, RI, USA  
America's Cup World Series 2011-12 Season Ends/2012-13 Season begins
Aug 21-26, 2012 America's Cup World Series Regatta - San Francisco, CA, USA  
Oct 3-7, 2012 America's Cup World Series Regatta - San Francisco, CA, USA  
April 16-21, 2013 America's Cup World Series Regatta - Naples, Italy  

Important Note:  Exact dates are subject to change by event organizers and competitors.  Please confirm all dates before making any travel or business plans, and make non-refundable arrangements at your own risk.

Three venues (Cascais, Plymouth, and San Diego) were announced for 2011, with three more (Newport, Venice, and Naples) named in late summer. 

For the 2012-13 season, events were set for San Francisco, Venice, and Naples, with more venues under consideration.  Read below for official announcements and discussion of how the schedules evolved.

Formal Announcements:
The first three ACWS venues were announced on March 31, 2011.  Read Official Press Release 
The exact San Diego dates were announced June 15, 2011.
Newport was announced August 12, 2011. Read Newport Press Release
Venice was announced Sept 4, 2011.  Dates for this stop were earlier reserved as May 19-27. Read Venice Press Release
Naples was announced September 14, 2011. Read Naples Press Release
The 2013 Naples date was confirmed and the 2013 Venice Date was off the schedule as of Nov 12, 2012. Read ACWS Update Press Release
Two potential May 2013 events were canceled before any official confirmation or announcement. Read NYC Cancellation announcement

More Cities, More Racing
The first three ACWS venues were named in Spring of 2011 and a competitive bidding process for prospective host cities for the remaining five regattas of the 2011-12 season was opened on June 2, 2011, with an initial reply deadline of June 30.  The bid process was also begun at that time for the regattas slots that were still open for the 2012-13 ACWS season.  Organizers were required by the Protocol for the 34th Defense to name the 2012 venues by October 31, 2011, which they did, subject to change. 

Additional cities unofficially pegged as potential ACWS venues include Auckland, New Zealand; Dubai (or another Middle East location such as Oman); a South American spot such as Rio de Janeiro; and Sydney Harbor in Australia.  There was an inclination among organizers to bring visibility to the challengers in their home countries, too, if feasible, though that has turned out to the be the exception rather than the rule for this America's Cup cycle with both teams and venues formative at the same time.

Three venues (Cascais, Plymouth, and San Diego) were announced for 2011 as of June 2, with three more (Newport, Venice, and Naples) named in late summer.  Up to eight ACWS regattas were expected in each season, and potential events were under discussion in Australia, New Zealand, or even China, but logistics and funding were not sorted out in time to include those events in the 2011-12 season.

Although dates for a January-February 2012 regatta at an unnamed location were being carried in official statements as late as the end of October, 2011, officials and team members in November during the San Diego ACWS confirmed that negotiation with potential hosts was not expected to be completed in time for a mid-winter regatta, and that Naples, Italy, in April 2012 would be the ACWS stop after San Diego.  The venue not named, which will not host, is widely cited as having been Auckland, New Zealand.  Shipping and transport costs to the other side of the world and back for one event would have been prohibitive as a business case given the sponsorship on offer, and the limited window between Naples, Venice, and Newport did not easily accommodate the logistics necessary for another regatta within the 2011-12 season.

Cascais, near Lisbon, in Portugal was one of five short-listed cities to host the 2007 America's Cup, and was actually regarded as the favorite for a while until losing out to Valencia, Spain.  San Diego of course hosted the 1992 and 1995 Defenses of the America's Cup, though racing took place miles away off Point Loma for those events.

Newport, Rhode Island, was a strong contender to host an America's Cup World Series leading up to the 2013 America's Cup, and organizers negotiated with Rhode Island officials regarding facilities to be built by the state at Fort Adams to support the needs of an America's Cup World Series.  One motivation for selecting Newport was the city's strong historical link with the America's Cup, though also, another factor not to be ignored, such a move would go some distance to healing any bruises caused when GGYC nearly chose Newport to host the 2013 America's Cup Match itself, but ultimately selected San Francisco.

For the 2012-13 season four regattas were expected.  Plans originally considered as many as seven or eight events.  Early announcements first intended two regattas for San Francisco in summer 2012, with the remainder to be determined.  The two 2013 regattas in Italy, return trips to 2012 hosts Naples and Venice, also planned.  The wrap up-announcement following the October 2012 ACWS in San Francisco noted that organizers were working on a possible event in New York City for June, 2013, which would be immediately preceding the start of the Louis Vuitton Cup.  In November, 2012, organizers confirmed Naples as the only 2013 ACWS to be held in Europe before the start of the LVC, leaving Venice out of the picture, and without disclosing cities and dates, said that two US regattas were now planned for May, 2013, with New York City as the more or less openly intended venue. 

Details for new regattas in May 2013 though were never announced or confirmed.  NY was attractive to ACEA, working on finding the right exposure for the series, especially in ways that would maximize exposure for teams and sponsors in key markets.  While NY would have been a useful media opportunity, opposition from the teams, who are burdened with preparing their new AC72's for the start of the Louis Vuitton Cup in July 2013, contributed to canceling the NY dates.  Additional concerns were raised by some as to whether sailing conditions in NY harbor would have shown the AC45's and ACWS in the best light.

Other Changes and Adaptations:
It was expected that additional ACES dates could be added between San Francisco and Venice.  The ACWS equipment needs to be transported from the USA to Italy, so a stop on the way could be done with lower transportation expenses than a single purpose trip. 

News stories March 1, 2012, about the USA television coverage of the ACWS referred to potentially different dates for the San Francisco events than previously announced (see below for those dates).  On March 4, 2012, organizers confirmed that New York was being negotiated for August, 2012, with San Francisco as the fall-back, and the second San Francisco event was being moved to October with the exact dates to-be-confirmed.  New York would have been a historic return to the original waters in which the Cup was first defended, not to mention a high-profile stage for increasing public awareness of the America's Cup, but ultimately racing in New York in 2012 wasn't feasible and the August regatta date for San Francisco held.  As noted above, though, organizers mentioned in October 2012 that they were still considering a NY event, and it's possible that one of the two May 2013 events could take place there.

Regarding SF, part of the Host City Agreement for staging the 34th Defense there in 2013 included a promise to bring an ACWS or AC "World Championship" races to the city prior to the actual Defense, which will be helpful as a learning experience for teams and organizers alike, and just as importantly would also be a boost from an economic impact perspective.

The ACWS events in San Francisco in Summer 2012 were originally also intended to be the racing debut of the first batch of AC72 yachts.  Organizers announced May 31, 2011, however that the AC45 yachts would be raced for both America's Cup World Series seasons.  The change of boats is generally due to modification of the rules governing the earliest launch dates for the new AC72's, which were amended from January 1, 2012, to July 1, 2012, with the intention of making the schedule, funding, and development demands on the teams more realistic.

The schedules of the currently planned 2012-2013 Regattas were all updated to run for four days each, from Thursday through Sunday, which was a modification from the earliest ACWS regattas that included an opening weekend of racing, followed by two rest/reserve days, and then racing Wednesday through Sunday.  In any case, none of the opening weekend racing has been counted toward fleet race or match race championship scoring.  The opening weekend was primarily a way to provide teams with additional racing time.  The change was believed to be motivated by lowering expenses, especially for broadcast operations, and focusing fan and media attention in a narrower set of events that is easier to follow. 

Notes on Schedule Revisions:

For Reference: Previous schedule, now superseded
The 2012-13 America's Cup World Series Regatta dates as they were announced in October 31, 2011 are shown below.
Aug 11-19, 2012 America's Cup World Series Regatta - San Francisco, CA, USA
Aug 27-Sep 2, 2012 America's Cup World Series Regatta - San Francisco, CA, USA
Oct 20-28, 2012 America's Cup World Series Regatta - Dates TBC, Venue TBA
Dec 8-16, 2012 America's Cup World Series Regatta - Dates TBC, Venue TBA

Dates Changes:
Naples 2012 previously began April 7, revised now to April 11.
Venice 2012 previously began May 12, revised now to May 15.
Newport 2012 racing previously began June 23, revised now to June 26, and then June 28.
San Francisco August 2012 previously began Aug 18, now scheduled for August 21.
Venice 2013 previous began April 13, revised to April 16, then canceled (in Nov 2012).
Naples 2013 previously began May 11, revised now to April 16.
New York City, though not publicly confirmed as being on the schedule for May, 2013, was canceled Jan 8, 2013.

Additional Links and Info:

See (November 2, 2011) for discussion of finalizing additional regattas 2011-12 ACWS Schedule

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