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Valencia, Spain

Site of the 32nd Defense of the America's Cup in 2007;
Site of the 33rd Defense in 2010
  Photo Copyright 2004 Nature Images/Juanvi Carrasco

Photo: ©2004 Juanvi Carrasco

November 26th, 2003, America's Cup Management under the auspices of Team Alinghi and Société Nautique de Genève named Valencia as the host city for the 32nd Defense of the America's Cup, choosing the Spanish city over three other short-listed competitors from the original field of 60 hopefuls.  Valencia will execute an ambitious program of waterfront improvements and other accommodations for the big event in 2007.

For the 2010 Match, SNG declared Valencia as the site of the Defense in the Notice of Race (NOR) issued November 10, 2009.  Valencia replaced the United Arab Emirates location SNG originally named the previous August, which was rejected by the New York Supreme Court as a violation of the America's Cup Deed of Gift.
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