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BMW Oracle Challenger for 2010

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Visiting Dogzilla

Flying Squadron: Biplane meets trimaran as Sean D. Tucker's Oracle-sponsored aerobatic wonder visits BMW Oracle's massive multi-hull in San Diego before sea trials ended for the fall 2008. Click image for more photos
Photo:2008 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing

Our West Coast correspondent dropped by the BMW Oracle base in San Diego to check up on giant multi-hull progress and provides this report:

Naturally the "dognormous" boat, using nearly every square inch of something that can't really be called a slip, is the focus of the morning's activity.  Sails are loaded onto the boat with halyards and pulleys and cables -- cables of a size that get everyone's attention and mean no one has to be told to get out of the way.  Even with the sails and sailors onboard, the boat sits elegantly on the water, with very little wetted surface.

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Photo Galleries and more below:

BMW Oracle Multi-hull on TV:
BMW Oracle's monster multi-hull was featured on CBS News Sunday Morning, December 14, Read text version at CBS News and See Video at YouTube, and on ABC's Good Morning America, December 13: See ABC Video

Also, unrelated to BMW Oracle, enjoy this vintage Walter Cronkite interview with Ted Turner, circa 1977:  CBS News Video

Nov 28, 2008: BMW Oracle Boat completes Phase 1 Testing

Photo:2008 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing
BMW Oracle's monster at sea off San Diego.

Oct 20, 2008: Two weeks of San Diego testing complete: BMW Oracle web site (offline)

Inside the BMW Oracle compound:
Neat visit for Brian Camet at

It's interesting to note some comparisons between BMW Oracle's boat and the giant new 131-foot ocean racing trimaran Banque Populaire V.  See Banque story and photos by Lyn Hines at Sailing World

First Flight

Up on one hull, BMW Oracle Racing, 9/3/09.
Click image to enlarge and see more.
Photo: 2008 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing

Sept 15, 2008: Why San Diego? "Warm weather, the right wind, sea conditions that will give us a good picture and a lot of room." :

Sept 10: Monster Watching: "While sailing upwind in no more than 9 knots of breeze, they heeled the boat enough to sail on only the leeward float, making even speed with our media boat at roughly 26 knots": Scuttlebutt News

 Sept 10: James Spithill: "We're not even at 50 percent yet and it's already pretty impressive.": Seattle Times

Sept 10: Training moving to San Diego: IHT

Sept 8: Sailing World podcast with James Spithill

Sept 3: John Kostecki: "...There isn't anything like this, a multi-hull like this..." Read more at NZ Herald

Sept 1: First Sail Press Release (offline)
Also spy photos and video at Dogzillabuzz Blog

Aug 30: Bob Fisher: 5300 sf mainsail, 3700 sf foresail, and 7500 sf spinnaker to be raised Saturday

Aug 29: Testing Begins

Aug 28: First sail Labor Day weekend? (offline)

Click image to enlarge and see more.
Photo: 2008 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing

See First Sail Photos

See Launching Photo Gallery

James Spithill: "It's awesome, mate. The first time you see it in real life it's a shock factor, to be real honest."  Read more at International Herald Tribune

Read Launching Press Release

Spy Shots showing BMW Oracle multi-hull preparation and launching.  See spy photo gallery

Step-by-step coverage of launch and rigging nearly live Monday afternoon: Dogzillabuzz Blog

Read BMW Oracle Unveiling Press Release

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