Louis Vuitton Cup Results

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Louis Vuitton Cup Rounds Robin - Final Totals

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Combined Results Rounds Robin 1 and 2

See this tabled shaded by win-loss total

The results of Rounds Robin 1 and 2, plus the Bonus points based on performance in the Louis Vuitton Acts, will determine the top four teams who will advance to the Louis Vuitton Cup Semi-Finals. 

Ties: Ties for the fourth place position, if any, will be broken by a best-of-three-races sail-off.  Ties for fourth or third position involving more than two teams, if any, will use Louis Vuitton Ranking points to determine the order of pairings for a series of sail-offs.  Ties that do not involve elimination of a Challenger will be broken by Louis Vuitton Ranking points.


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