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  New Rainbow Building: Press Release

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New Rainbow Project:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 20, 2009 (Press Release)


New J-Class Yacht Rainbow, based on the 1934 America's Cup Defender. Drawing: 2009 Dykstra & Partners

J-Class Rainbow update, building has started

The J-Class Rainbow, designed by Dykstra & Partners for a repeat client, has started building at Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw. When the hull will be ready, Rainbow will be transported to be finished at Holland Jachtbouw (HJB).  The re-build of this originally William Starling Burgess designed yacht will be under supervision of Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects, who also have been responsible for the re-builds and refits of the J-Class yachts: Shamrock V, Endeavour, Velsheda, Ranger and the soon to be sailing new J-Class Hanuman (Endeavour II project).  Rainbow will be built and fitted out to race with the existing and new Js according to the JCA (J Class Association) rules.  

Dykstra & Partners and the J-Class:

To keep the J-Class fleet and races alive and to encourage new build yachts to enter the field, new JCA maximum performance rules have been developed, including allowing aluminum as building material. The new rule is a VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) based rating system which puts limits to the performance. This new rule has been developed by the Dykstra & Partners office and the Wolfson Unit in Southampton. The aim of the JCA, the Dykstra team and the rule is to bring fair & close racing to the fleet and to give all designs a chance of winning (on a handicap based system). Over the years the Dykstra team gained an enormous amount of hands-on information by racing on all the Js in the current fleet.  

Dykstra & Partners have gained over 20 years of J-Class experience and where responsible for the rebuilds of the J-Class yachts: Shamrock V, Velsheda, Endeavour, refit of Ranger and the new build Hanuman (Endeavour II project). Rainbow will be the 2nd new J-Class in order for the Dykstra team. More new J-Class projects in design for clients and refits under supervision of Dykstra & Partners for current J-Class yachts are planned to take place in the coming year. 

Specification Rainbow

L.o.a. : 39.95 m.
L.w.l. : 27.10 m.
Hull material : Aluminum
Displacement : approx. 176 tons
Naval Architect/styling : Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects, Amsterdam
Interior design : Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects, Amsterdam
Hull construction : Bloemsma Aluminiumbouw, Makkum
Yard : Holland Jachtbouw (HJB), Zaandam

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www.gdnp.nl Dykstra and Partners website

About Dykstra & Partners

Famous for award winning yachts like Athena, Adix, Adela, Windrose, Borkumriff IV, Endeavour, Velsheda, Shamrock V, and Maltese Falcon.  For design and re-design, from Naval Architecture to Marine Engineering of classic and modern performance yachts.

Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects was originally founded as Ocean Sailing Development Holland BV in 1969 by Gerard Dijkstra. For the first ten years the office was mainly involved with ocean racing. However, the specialization soon included yacht design and the building supervision of ocean going sailing boats and fast shorthanded racers, using the experience of Gerard Dijkstra as skilled sailor. Much attention is been given to research and development. New designs are tested in towing tanks and wind tunnels, strength of hull and rig is studied with finite element analyzes. Everybody onboard the Dykstra & Partners team is a passionate sailor with experience on different types of yachts

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