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Four J-Class Race in St. Barths

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Bucket Regatta Hosts J-Class Gathering
Dykstra Partners Designs/Re-designs at Center of Show: Press Release

March 24, 2012 (Press Release)


Photo:2012 Billy Black

St. Barths Bucket Regatta was the venue and host of the first J Class gathering and racing event of this year.  It has been the first time that this many Js raced together since 75 years.

Dykstra Naval Architects is proud to be the designer and re-designer of all 4 J's that raced the J Class Exhibition Race.  Endeavour, Velsheda, Hanuman, and Ranger competed and showed their beauty and performance to all yacht and J Class lovers.  Endeavour crossed the line first and won the race, followed by Velsheda 2nd, Ranger 3rd, and Hanuman 4th. 

Endeavour recently completed an intensive refit; Dykstra Naval Architects have been instrumental in the design of the new sail plan, deck layout and structural engineering.  In total 7 yachts designed by Dykstra Naval Architects are racing the St. Barths Bucket 2012: Adela, Hetairos, Meteor, Endeavour, Velsheda, Hanuman and Ranger

Some of Dykstra crew will be joining the yachts as well, Thys Nikkels (Managing Director) will race on Meteor, Jeroen de Vos (Naval Architect) on Endeavour and Erik Wassen (Naval Architect) on Hetairos.

--From Dykstra Naval Architects

(Note: An earlier version of this story reversed the order of finish for Ranger and Hanuman)

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