Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series:
Bermuda 2015 - Race Area

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America's Cup World Series Bermuda 2015: Race Area

LVACWS Race Area in Bermuda, typical layout in red, assuming WSW or ENE wind direction.  Race Channel may be used for some race finishes, conditions permitting.  Image is not for navigational purposes.

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Approximate Race Area for Louis Vuitton ACWS Bermuda, 2015

The Principal Race Officer (PRO) will set the course race by race depending on wind conditions and other factors.  The best viewing locations will accordingly vary with the race course and wind directions.

The course will be generally oriented to align with the wind direction so that upwind and downwind legs are not biased to favor one tack over the other.  However, the course may be laid for either port or starboard tack at the Start or Finish.  Similarly, the Finish line may follow the rounding of either a windward or leeward mark, depending on the PRO's discretion. 

In addition to the typical race area, some of the ACWS races this month in Bermuda may use the Race Channel shown with the intention of locating the finish line in front of the event village, at right.  Plans are for the second (and usually final) race of each day to finish this way, officially termed the "Harbour Finish."  This scenario will depend on feasible sailing conditions at race time.

The typical race area shown above is not the exact location planned for the 2017 America's Cup and challenger elimination series, which will use a larger area within the Great Sound.  The Harbour Finish option depicted above is likewise not a scenario that will be used in 2017.  See image below for orientation to the larger context.

Viewing the Racing on the Water:
The race area will be patrolled to keep spectator traffic from interfering with the racing.  The exclusion zones are spaces provided for spectator boats that have been granted special permission and display the appropriate flags.

Other areas adjacent to the race course or exclusion zones may be accessed by the general public subject to special regulations and with registration. For details on the restrictions and for registering your boat see this page at americascup.com


Key map of LVACWS 2015 Race Area in Bermuda, typical ACWS layout in red.  Image is not for navigational purposes.

The ACWS course location is expected to be used only for the 2015 regatta.  The America's Cup match and challenger qualifiers/playoffs in 2017 are expected to use a larger area of the Great Sound and to lay the course so that some portion of the racing is close to the 2017 event village at upper left. 

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