America's Cup 2013:
Designated Race Area in San Francisco Bay

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San Francisco Event Plans: Race Area Diagram

January 31, 2011

Image: CupInfo/based on ACRM

Typical Race Course (click image to view large)
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Image:2012 ACEA See More Event Plans

Typical 2013 race courses are set close to shore, conditions permitting, with course boundaries being within the red shaded area above.

The "maximum" race area for the 2013 America's Cup is depicted in light blue, all race courses are intended to be within these boundaries.  The light blue area was announced early on, while planning for the match was still in the formative stage, in order to help define the locations for the upcoming match, but in practice the entire light blue area is not feasible for racing.  See typical race course as actually sailed in diagram at right.

The dark blue areas above are the deepwater channels for large ships, the presence of which is an issue coordinated with the Coast Guard and Race Management.

Read Regatta Notice (pdf) | Browse the Interactive NOAA Chart used above

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