America's Cup 2013:
San Francisco Venue Plan

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2012 and 2013 San Francisco Event Plans:
Piers 27-29, Piers 30-32, and Marina Green

July 11, 2011

Updated February, 2012: Typical racecourse layout.  The main windward/leeward legs on the long course are three miles in length.  There will be a short dog-leg from the line to the first mark, and from the last mark to the finish.  The finish is intended to remain as close to Piers 27-29 as possible.  There are also course variations that are shorter, and with the start and finish located mid-leg instead of at each end.  Location of the course above would suit prevailing winds in the Bay, but orientation will vary depending on weather conditions and may not always run as shown.
Read more at Image:2012 ACEA

Design as of July, 2011, showing Piers 27-29, which will be the main onshore public space for the 2013 America's Cup and Louis Vuitton Cup.  The building at right would be completed in January 2013, in time for the event, and later become a cruise ship terminal.  The new terminal project has been in the works since 2007.  For more views of the terminal building, see SF Department of Public Works website, and still more detail at the SF Port site.  Image:2011


Piers 27-29 will also host superyacht berthing, as shown above.  The media center and other support functions will be housed in Piers 19 and 23, slightly visible at left of the picture.  Just out of view to the right of this image are Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the ten most popular tourist destinations in the US, and at the top center of this image is local landmark Coit Tower.  Originally, in exchange for the outlay to repair the piers and other infrastructure, this was one of the properties on which the city was going to offer a 66-year lease to race organizers following the America's Cup, but negotiations as of February, 2012, now appear to have moved the long-term development rights away from Piers 27-29. Image:2011

Piers 30-32, south of the Bay Bridge, was the proposed location for the main team bases and the AC72 multihulls competing in the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup.  This is the early plan, which was later updated slightly, before Piers 30-32 were removed from the 2013 event, see below.

Updated image of Piers 30-32, south of the Bay Bridge.  This was the intended location for the main team bases and the AC72 multihulls competing in the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup, though with some large yacht mooring relocated from north of the bridge to this location as well.  Note, too, the tower cranes, more boats on the bay, and more sunlight among other changes.  On February 27, 2012, however, the city and the America's Cup Event Authority modified their plans to eliminate the use of Piers 30-32 for the 2013 event.  Team bases will instead be located further south at Pier 80.  Image:2012 ACEA

Depicted above, Marina Green will have a prime view of the race area.  To the left is the beginning of West Harbor Marina, which is also the location of the St. Francis YC as well as the Golden Gate YC, the current trustee of the America's Cup.  For the two ACWS events expected in August 2012, Marina Green will be the main America's Cup Village while construction work hopefully proceeds on the Piers in preparation for the 2013.  At times the AC45 yachts could be moored in front of the Village, but the main team bases for 2012 will probably be located on Piers 30-32 or Pier 80 depending on progress with Pier 30-32 improvements.  Independent of the America's Cup, West Harbor is scheduled for improvements to be completed in 2012.  Fort Mason, Aquatic Park, Crissy Field, Alcatraz Island, and Cavallo Point are other proposed onshore viewing areas.  Image:2011

Marina Green America's Cup Village Plan for the 2012 World Series events, from Draft EIR.


Overall preliminary event plan, initial configuration from January, 2011. Click image to read more about the northern waterfront plan.  Image: 2011

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