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Race 8 Photos (Day 5)

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America's Cup Race 8: USA Beats NZL

On the upwind leg, ETNZ leading by about 50m tried to tack in front of Oracle Team USA approaching on starboard tack with the right of way.  ETNZ's wing wasn't eased and they heeled heavily to port as they went through the tack, not aided by the windage of the platform.  They were able to ease the wing in time to prevent a capsize, but Oracle had to tack away to avoid them.  ETNZ was penalized in the incident.  Photo:2013 ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget

Telemetry data show that ETNZ was above 20 degrees of heel for ten seconds, holding a peak angle of 44.8 degrees for over 1 second before settling back down on both hulls.  Photo:2013 ACEA/Balazs Guardi

Photo:2013 ACEA/Balazs Guardi

Oracle Team USA had to do a crash tack to avoid collision. The hard-surfaces of TNZ's trampoline below the wing are meant to make the wing more efficient in an end-plate effect, sustaining a difference of air pressures between both sides of the wing.  But when the cat is heeled at such an extreme angle, the end-plate also presents a large surface area to the wind, potentially catching the breeze and making it harder to avoid a capsize.  ETNZ came very close to losing it in this incident.  Photo:2013 ACEA/Abner Kingman

After the penalty, a 200m lead into the upwind gate quickly turned into a 750m gap on the final downwind leg.  Oracle Team USA won by 52 seconds at the finish line.  Photo:2013 ACEA/Abner Kingman

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