Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Portsmouth 2015:
Visit to Emirates Team New Zealand

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A Look Inside Emirates Team New Zealand's Portsmouth Base
Kiwis Prepare for Racing, Feeding Mind, Body, and Boat

Friday July 24, 2015

Outside it's a dreary day in Portsmouth, a good time to get out of the rain before the practice races and go inside the white tent at right, paying a visit to Emirates Team New Zealand. Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya

Ambassadresses of team sponsor Emirates Airlines distract observers from the down to earth work that goes on to keep sailors in winning form. Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya

 Sean Regan, Emirates Team New Zealand boatbuilder, unspools a length of carbon fiber fabric which can be used to repair small areas of damage on the boat.  White material on right is used in applying graphics.
Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya

 Regan mixes a batch of epoxy, which will be soaked into the carbon fiber fabric applied in the repair.
Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya

Recipe for a quick patch: ADR 30 is an epoxy resin that cures quickly at room temperature.  ADH 26 is a relatively fast acting hardener for ADR which likewise does not require elevated temps. 
Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya


In addition to wearing well, Durepox paint serves as an effective moisture seal over carbon fiber.  The product was widely used on the America's Cup Class monohulls as well.  In satin finish the paint offers low surface resistance characteristics without violating rules regarding the flow of water within the boundary layer.
Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya

Uniforms in new design debuted in Portsmouth.
Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya

Pre-race briefing.  Glenn Ashby standing, at center.
Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya

Recipe for Lunch: Sailors need to eat before they race, too, but this fare is intended for VIP guests.
Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya

On a sunny day, ETNZ shore crew rolls the AC45F out of the tent to prepare for stepping the wing mast, visible inside at left.  Photo:©2015 R. Steven Tsuchiya


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