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Cats on Parade: AC72 Sailing Periods
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AC72 Launching and Sailing Periods:

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Teams were permitted to launch their first new boats on or after July 1, 2012.  The First AC72 Sailing Period allowed 30 sailing days between July 1, 2012, and January 31, 2013.

A team's second boat, if they choose to build one, may be launched on or after February 1, 2013.  The Second AC72 Sailing Period allows 45 sailing days between January 31 and May 1, 2013 for each boat.  All boats are entitled to the 45-day sailing period, regardless of whether first or second built, or whether the boat sailed in the First AC72 Sailing Period or not. 

After May 1, 2013, the sailing days of the boats are not restricted.  Scroll down to see individual days for each team and boat, plus details about the applicable rules.

First AC 72 Sailing Period:

Graph of AC72 Sailing Days - Period 1 - from

ETNZ was the first to sail an AC72, followed by Oracle Team USA, Luna Rossa, and Artemis Racing.  ETNZ's 30 days in the first period was the only instance that a team used all their permitted time.  Oracle's total days were limited by the capsize and resulting damage of their first yacht in mid-October, with the boat not re-launched until February 4.

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Second AC72 Sailing Period:
ETNZ was the first to launch their second AC72 also. The chart below shows the sailing days for the second sailing period.  Teams were allowed sail both boats for up to 45 days each, but through no team sailed more than one boat at a time.  Only ETNZ sailed their second boat repeatedly, while Oracle launched their second boat near the end of the period.  Luna Rossa does not plan a second boat, and Artemis Racing's second boat will not launch until May.

Graph of AC72 Sailing Days - Period 2 - from

In the graphic above, the dotted red line marks the cutoff beyond which a team cannot reach the maximum sailing days permitted before the period ends.  None of the teams reached the maximum in the second period.  ETNZ and Luna Rossa moved their operations to San Francisco during April and not did hit the 45-day limit.  ETNZ's last sail in NZ was April 4th.  Artemis Racing sailed their AC72 in San Francisco from the start of the period, but began reconfiguring their boat in mid-February, re-launching mid-March, and fell short of the 45 days as well.

Aside from the restricted number of total days during the Sailing Periods, under Protocol Article 28.2 teams may not sail their AC72 yachts during an America's Cup World Series Regatta racing period unless they obtain permission in advance from the Regatta Director.  Additionally, Oracle Team USA was penalized for a rules infraction and not allowed to sail either boat for the last five days of the second sailing period (April 26-30).

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Third (Unrestricted) Sailing Period:

Races and practice days are both included in this plot.


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Another View:

Sailing Days for First AC72 Sailing Period:
Bar chart of AC72 Sailing Days - Period 1 - from


Sailing Days for Second AC72 Sailing Period:
SEcond SAiling Period AC72 Days Bar Chart

Sailing Days for Third (Unrestricted) AC72 Sailing Period:

Sailing Days shown through August 7

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Combined AC72 Sailing Days: By Team and Boat For Each Period

These are the combined sailing days per team, plotted for each sailing period and each boat.  The blue bars show sailing days in the restricted periods.  The green bars show sailing in the unrestricted period from May 1 onward.  It includes practice days and, after the start of the LVC, race days as well.  There are no rules limitations on the combined number of sailing days.  This chart is included just for the purpose of comparison.

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The Rules:

Article 29.2 is the section of the Protocol that limits how many days the teams may sail their new AC72 catamarans.  The rule is intended to help control costs.  A Sailing Day is considered to be when the boat is crewed, leaves the dock, and drops the tow line, regardless of the length of time that the boat is underway.

Teams are required to report their sailing days to America's Cup Race Management, who track and publish the running tallies.
See latest official AC72 Sailing Day totals published by ACRM

Read the rule:
Click here to Show Excerpt of Article 29.2 from Protocol for the 2013 America's Cup

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Protocol Article 29.2. AC72 Yacht Launch and Sailing Limits

(a) Each Competitor may build, acquire or otherwise obtain a maximum of two new AC72 Yachts.

(b) Competitors shall not Launch their first AC72 Yacht before 1 July 2012.

(c) During the period 1 July 2012 to 31 January 2013 (“the First AC72 Sailing Period”), a Competitor may sail their AC72 Yacht for a maximum of 30 days.

(d) Competitors shall not launch their second AC72 Yacht before 1 February 2013.

(e) During the period 1 February 2013 to 1 May 2013, Competitors may sail their AC72 Yachts for a maximum of 45 days per AC72 Yacht. Permitted sailing days may not be transferred between AC72 yachts.

(f) From 1 May 2013 there shall be no restrictions on the number of days AC72 Yachts may be sailed.

(g) A Competitor is considered to be sailing an AC72 Yacht for one day anytime they have that AC72 Yacht crewed and sailing (as opposed, for example, to only being towed or maneuvering associated with launching, docking in or docking out with the assistance of support vessels, with or without a towline) for any part of a day. The Regatta Director shall as soon as practicable publish by Regatta Notice regulations under Article 4.3.(k) requiring central notification by each Competitor of each sailing day used. Refer amendment 15.08

(h) The Regatta Director may grant consent to a Competitor to Launch and sailing their first AC72 Yacht prior to 1 July 2012 in their home territorial waters for up to a maximum of 15 days of their permitted 30 days during the First AC72 Sailing Period, provided he is first satisfied on reasonable grounds the Competitor had a contractual commitment to sail their first AC72 Yacht within their home territorial waters as at 30 May 2011. For the avoidance of doubt any permitted days sailed by a Competitor shall be deducted from the permitted 30 days during the First AC72 Sailing Period.

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