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America's Cup 2007 Racing Schedule: The Basics

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The America's Cup Match
June, 2007:

2007 America's Cup Dates
The 32nd Defense of the America's Cup

Louis Vuitton Cup
April, May, June 2007:
2007 Challenger Selection

Louis Vuitton Cup Regatta

Louis Vuitton Acts:
2005, 2006, and 2007 in Sweden, Italy, Valencia Fleet Racing and Match Racing

LVC Round Robin 1 and 2 Schedule and Pairings  (Released April 8)

USA Television Schedule on Versus Network

Louis Vuitton Acts Results for all the acts

Louis Vuitton Acts and America's Cup Racing Schedule: Background contains the schedule information presented on this page, plus some discussion of the evolution of formats, venues, and dates.

Detailed 32nd America's Cup Schedule with Protocol dates and deadlines.

Challenger Selection Format Press Release

Recent America's Cup Class Racing exhibition and other America's Cup Class yacht racing events.


2007 America's Cup Dates: The 32nd Defense

The officially announced schedule for Challenger selection and the 2007 America's Cup:


2007 Challenger Selection And America's Cup Dates

  April 1     Keel Unveiling Day  
  April 3-6     Fleet Racing Regatta (Louis Vuitton Act 13) Details  

Louis Vuitton Cup - Challenger Selection Series

  April 16     Round Robin 1 begins Detailed Schedule and Pairings  
  April 25     Round Robin 2 begins Detailed Schedule and Pairings  
  May 14     Louis Vuitton Cup Semi-final begins - Top four Round Robin Teams  
  June 1     Louis Vuitton Cup Final begins - Best of 9 races - Winner becomes the 32nd Challenger for the America's Cup  
  32nd Defense of the America's Cup begins -
Best of 9 races - First Team to Win 5 Races wins the Match
  June 23 Saturday   Race Date: Race 1  
  June 24 Sunday   Race Date  
  June 26 Tuesday   Race Date  
  June 27 Wednesday   Race Date  
  June 29 Friday   Race Date  
  June 30 Saturday   Race Date (if necessary)  
  July 1 Sunday   Race Date (if necessary)  
  July 3 Tuesday   Race Date (if necessary)  
  July 4 Wednesday   Race Date (if necessary)  
  July 6 Friday   Reserve Day (if necessary)  
  July 7 Saturday   Reserve Day (if necessary)  

Additional dates would be added in the same pattern if needed to complete the match.



Acts and Cups: "The Official Regattas"

America's Cup Management organized a series of racing events to take place periodically until the start of the challenger selection regatta, the Louis Vuitton Cup (LVC), in 2007.  Participation at these races is now mandatory for officially accepted challengers.  Read Challenger Selection Background Here

Louis Vuitton Acts:
The racing program calls for a total of 13 "Acts" of the Louis Vuitton Cup, which began in September 2004 and lead up to the start of the actual Louis Vuitton Cup selection in April-June 2007. 

For results and more information please see our Louis Vuitton Acts Results Page


Louis Vuitton Acts:

Event Location Date Format Info

  Act One Marseille, France September 5-11, 2004 Fleet Racing and
 Match Racing



  Act Two Valencia, Spain October 5-12, 2004 Match Racing Results  

  Act Three Valencia, Spain October 14-17, 2004 Fleet Racing Results  

  Act Four Valencia, Spain June 16-22*, 2005 Fleet Racing Results  

  Act Five Valencia, Spain June 24-26, 2005 Match Racing Results  

  Act Six Malmö-Skåne, Sweden August 25-31, 2005 Match Racing Results  

  Act Seven Malmö-Skåne, Sweden September 2-4, 2005 Fleet Racing Schedule  

  Act Eight Trapani/Sicily, Italy September 29 -
October 5, 2005
Match Racing



  Act Nine Trapani/Sicily, Italy October 7-9, 2005  Fleet Racing Schedule  

  Act Ten Valencia, Spain May 11-16, 2006 Match Racing    

  Act Eleven Valencia, Spain May 19-21, 2006 Fleet Racing    

  Act Twelve Valencia, Spain June 22-July 2, 2006 Match Racing    

  Act Thirteen* Valencia, Spain April 3-6, 2007** Fleet Racing Schedule  

*Act 14 was changed to Act 13 in February 2006.
**April 7 is a reserve day.  April 1 is Unveiling Day

Please note that all dates on this page are selected at the discretion of the event organizers, reported here as we believe to be accurate, but are subject to change or correction at any time.  Please confirm all dates before making travel or other arrangements.

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